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94% of consumers have been swayed into making a purchase by watching a video.
Video Production Minneapolis

What We Do

As a Video Marketing Agency , we specialize in planning, researching, implementing, distributing, and managing high-performing video marketing campaigns that helps to elevate your presence on your website as well as in social media. We are not just producing videos but also helping you create the core foundation of your business website and online presence with video content that has a strategy and guidelines on how and where to use those videos the right way time and place.
From Facebook advertising to YouTube video creation, we’ll show you how to reel in prospective customers, build a memorable brand identity, and cultivate a community of like-minded consumers; all to kickstart your business into the online world. Ultimately, we take time to understand what your audience wants to see, when they want to see it, and how to get there and build a strategy based off that research.

What Are Our
Video Strategies?

Foundational Videos with a Strategy

We create videos that speak to your audience. A behind-the-scenes insight into who you are and what your business is about. .Producing videos that makes an impact to your target audience when they visit your website and social media. Examples: BRAND MESSAGE VIDEOS, TESTIMONIAL VIDEO, PROCESS VIDEO, EXPLANATORY VIDEOS, FAQ Videos, Promo Videos and so on.

Video Content Marketing [ Short/Long Form]

We help you create content yourself or create the content "For You / With you". Examples: Short Form Video Content, YouTube Videos, Podcast Video Production, and so much more. We will build you a strategy that will help you create an impact to your audience through daily and consistent video content.


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We Go Beyond Video Creation

If nobody is going to see your campaign, why bother? At the heart of our partnership lies distribution: thrusting your video in front of consumers everywhere. We will plan, research, implement, distribute, and manage your video marketing campaigns.

We maintain transparent lines of communication throughout, we’ll launch daily videos to captivate your audience, transforming scrollers into buyers.

Ready to Make Your Mark.

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